The Higher App is a mobile platform that connects farmers and laborers, similar to how Uber revolutionized transportation. It solves the challenge of labor shortage in the California farming industry by providing a marketplace where farmers can hire skilled and unskilled laborers for various farming tasks.

The Higher App was specifically designed to tackle the challenge of labor shortage in California's farming industry, particularly in the area of harvesting. By leveraging the app, farmers gain access to a diverse pool of laborers actively seeking employment in the farming sector, ranging from college students to unemployed individuals. The platform encompasses native mobile applications available for both Android and iOS, ensuring seamless access and functionality for farmers and laborers alike.

Through the Higher App, farmers can connect with a wide range of potential laborers, enabling them to efficiently address their specific labor needs during critical periods, such as harvesting seasons. The app serves as a reliable platform where farmers can find individuals eager to contribute their skills and efforts to the agricultural sector. Simultaneously, laborers can discover relevant job opportunities in farming, allowing them to contribute to the industry while gaining valuable experience.

The inclusion of native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms demonstrates the commitment of the Higher App to provide a user-friendly experience for farmers and laborers. By catering to the diverse technological preferences of both groups, the app ensures maximum accessibility and convenience. This approach enables seamless interaction between farmers and laborers, facilitating the hiring process and helping to bridge the labor gap in California's farming industry.


Our solution

Connect farmers with skilled and unskilled laborers for farming tasks.
To connect farmers with skilled and unskilled laborers, we developed a mobile-only platform called The Higher App. Leveraging technologies like Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, the platform allows farmers to post farming tasks and job opportunities. Farmers can specify their labor requirements and preferred skills, enabling them to connect with suitable laborers. Elasticsearch was implemented to facilitate efficient job searching and matching between farmers and laborers.
Provide a mobile-only platform with separate apps for farmers and laborers.
The Higher App provides separate native mobile applications for farmers and laborers, ensuring a tailored experience for each user group. The Android app, developed using Kotlin, and the iOS app, built with Swift, offer intuitive interfaces and features specific to the needs of farmers and laborers. This approach allows seamless interaction and engagement between farmers and laborers, maximizing convenience and usability.
Implement a rating system for farmers to rate laborers based on their performance.
We integrated a robust rating system into The Higher App to empower farmers to rate laborers based on their performance. This feature allows farmers to provide valuable feedback and assess the quality of labor provided by individuals. The rating system helps farmers make informed decisions when selecting laborers for future tasks, fostering a reliable and efficient labor ecosystem within the platform.
Include features such as job search, notifications, and payment transactions for seamless user experience.
The Higher App incorporates essential features to enhance the user experience. This includes a comprehensive job search functionality, enabling laborers to browse and apply for relevant farming tasks. We implemented a notification system to keep laborers informed about new job opportunities and updates from farmers. Additionally, we integrated a secure payment gateway, such as Stripe, to facilitate smooth and secure payment transactions between farmers and laborers, ensuring fair compensation for labor services.
Overall, The Higher App provides a technologically advanced solution using native mobile applications for Android and iOS. It leverages Kotlin, Swift, Elasticsearch, and Stripe to deliver a seamless and user-friendly platform that connects farmers with skilled and unskilled laborers, incorporates a robust rating system, and offers features like job search, notifications, and secure payment transactions. This solution enables efficient labor sourcing, job management, and improved collaboration within the farming community.

Client's Feedback:

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