Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR) is a highly accurate global rating system for Pickleball, the world's fastest-growing sport. DUPR allows players to enter their match scores and provides them with ratings regardless of age, location, or gender. The project involved the development of a mobile app using the Flutter framework and later expanded to include a web app built with ReactJS. Additional features such as event management and data collection from various clubs and organizations were implemented.

BinaryTouch successfully delivered the DUPR project by utilizing various technologies and third-party integrations. The mobile app, built on the Flutter framework, allowed users to easily input match details and receive accurate ratings. The web apps, developed using ReactJS, expanded the platform's reach and accessibility for users and an intuitive admin panel that provides extended functionality and accessibility for administrators.

An ETL process was implemented to collect match data from different clubs and organizations, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date database of match scores. Technologies such as Spring Boot for the backend, PostgreSQL as the main database, and ElasticSearch for player, club, and event search were leveraged to provide efficient and reliable data storage and retrieval.

Kafka was used for sending notifications to users, ensuring timely updates and engagement. Third-party apps like getstream.io were integrated for chat functionality, Sentry for bug tracking, and Stripe for payment gateway integration. A customized rating algorithm based on Glicko-2 was developed to provide accurate player ratings.


Our solution

Design and develop a mobile and web app to accept match entries to provide ratings, user engagements features such as browse nearby players, allow to chat with each other, find nearby Clubs and Events.
For the mobile and web app, BinaryTouch designed and developed a responsive and user-friendly interface that allows users to easily enter match details and receive accurate ratings. The app also includes features such as a browse function to discover nearby players, a chat module for user engagement, and integration with external APIs to find nearby Clubs and Events.
Create an admin panel for extended functionality and accessibility to manage queries, events, etc.
BinaryTouch created an intuitive admin panel that provides extended functionality and accessibility for administrators. The admin panel allows for efficient management of user queries, events, and other relevant data, ensuring smooth operations and streamlined administration.
Implement an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process to collect match data from different external sources like clubs and organizations from all over the world.
To collect match data from various external sources, BinaryTouch implemented a robust ETL process. This process effectively extracts match data from different clubs and organizations worldwide, transforms it into a standardized format, and loads it into the platform's database. This ensures that the system has a comprehensive and up-to-date dataset for accurate player ratings.
Provide end-to-end support, including conceptualization, deployment, customer support, bug tracking, and testing automation.
BinaryTouch provides end-to-end support throughout the project lifecycle. This included active involvement in conceptualization, seamless deployment of the mobile and web app, dedicated customer support to address user queries, bug tracking and resolution, as well as implementing automated testing processes to ensure a reliable and high-quality solution.
Implement and optimize the rating algorithm which was based on Glicko-2 to calculate accurate player ratings in real-time.
BinaryTouch implemented and optimized the Glicko-2 based rating algorithm to calculate accurate player ratings in real-time. The algorithm was fine-tuned and optimized to provide precise ratings based on match outcomes, player performance, and other relevant factors. This ensured that players received up-to-date and accurate ratings, enhancing the overall competitiveness and integrity of the platform.

Client's Feedback:

DUPR has grown into a thriving community with over 300,000 users and a daily active user base of 20,000 to 25,000 players. People from around the world have signed up on DUPR to discover their ratings, solidifying the platform's position as the go-to rating system for Pickleball. The successful expansion of DUPR's features, including event management and support for unique event styles, has further enhanced its value within the Pickleball community. As the sport continues to grow, DUPR will continue to thrive and support players worldwide.