Demeter - Harvesting Efficiencies is a platform developed by BinaryTouch for Oxford MBA graduates aiming to disrupt the almond harvesting paradigm. The platform connects almond farmers, allowing those with harvesting equipment to assist smaller farms, optimizing equipment utilization and creating additional revenue streams for mid-sized farmers.

Demeter is a platform on which farmers can connect, transact, and succeed. As it only makes financial sense to own your own harvesting equipment when your almond orchard reaches over 300 acres, the majority of growers often hire expensive 3rd party harvesters to perform this function. However, Demeter will aim to disrupt this paradigm by offering almond growers with harvesting equipment the ability to connect with and harvest for other smaller farms in their areas. This will allow larger farmers the ability to fully utilize the capacity of their expensive equipment which on average is only used during 1 of the staggered 8 week long harvesting season.

The California nut harvesting industry represents over $600 million USD in annual value. Demeter’s algorithm will create optimum pricing structures to ensure that each transaction will be optimized to bring the greatest amount of value to both growers. Through creating additional revenue streams for mid-sized farmers, and producing cost-savings for small sized almond growers, the goal of Demeter is to help make family farms competitive again. The potential for our platform to extend to other harvests beyond almonds as well as markets in other regions is limitless.


Our solution

Create a platform that enables almond farmers to connect and engage in transactions.
To address the requirement of creating a platform that enables almond farmers to connect and engage in transactions, BinaryTouch developed Demeter - Harvesting Efficiencies. Demeter offers a user-friendly web application that allows farmers to create profiles, showcase their offerings, and interact with potential buyers. The platform provides a comprehensive database of almond farmers, allowing users to search and discover suitable partners based on various criteria such as location, farm size, and specific requirements. By leveraging the power of technology, Demeter brings farmers closer, enabling them to share resources, knowledge, and experiences.
Develop an algorithm that optimizes pricing structures for each transaction, ensuring mutual value for growers.
To optimize pricing structures for each transaction, an advanced algorithm was implemented within the Demeter platform. This algorithm ensures that each transaction brings the greatest amount of value to both growers, maximizing profitability for all parties involved.
Design user-friendly web applications for both end-users and administrators to facilitate seamless order management.
The web applications, built with ReactJS, consisted of an end-user application for farmers and harvesters to connect and transact, and an admin application to efficiently manage the orders placed on the platform.
Build mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms, offering native experiences for farmers and harvesters.
Mobile applications were developed using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, ensuring a native and optimized user experience for both Android and iOS users.
Implement efficient search functionality to help users find relevant orders, harvesters, and farmers.
We utilized Spring Boot middleware for APIs, enabling seamless communication between the different components of the platform and ensuring efficient data transfer. Kafka was employed to process orders with precision, guaranteeing accurate and timely handling of transactions between almond growers and harvesters. ElasticSearch was integrated into the platform to facilitate easy search functionality, enabling users to quickly find relevant orders, harvesters, and farmers based on their specific requirements. The main database of Demeter was built using Postgres, providing a reliable and scalable foundation for storing and managing data related to almond farming transactions.

Client's Feedback:

Demeter - Harvesting Efficiencies has revolutionized our almond farming industry. With the platform developed by BinaryTouch, we have successfully connected farmers and harvesters, optimizing equipment utilization and generating additional revenue streams. The use of advanced technologies and user-friendly interfaces has exceeded our expectations, making family farms competitive again.